My Mission

My Mission: My mission is to offer hand drawn quality art at affordable prices to those who wish to participate in the adult coloring world. I want to offer quality, quantity, and variety. I want to help people relax, heal, bond, and explore their creative sides. 

What I offer: Passion, Dedication, Commitment. A strong desire to overcome the obstacle of being in an over saturated market. A unique perspective. The willingness to adapt. An uncontrollable desire to learn everything I can. A taste of personality. Drive. 

What I do: Doodle-style mandalas, or color circles are my favorite. But I also have a passion for photography (my first love) so I do grey scale. I dabble in regular drawings. I’m learning more each day. 

What I want to do: 
I want to follow my dream of being creative every single day and being a daily part of my boys lives. I LOVE what I do. My kids think that it is the coolest. People think I am crazy and that is OK with me. I want to continue to do if every single day. 


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