My Story

This is my story.

The reason I draw coloring books and such is because I had two problems to solve. I needed a creative outlet and I needed to find a way to contribute to my household while raising my two beautiful boys and fighting my health issues.

I was in love with photography and in love with adult coloring. That is when one of my favorite artist suggested that I try to make my own coloring books. I started with a few pages. Boy, was I excited! They were….. horrible!!! But they were my own creative pieces of art. So, I hid them away and quickly invested in a few simple tools. I continued to try over and over. Each time I learned something new.

My husband bought me a digital drawing tablet for mother’s day. This served two purposes. It saves my hands and it saves trees. SCORE!!!! This made a huge difference. My weak and shaky hands were no longer a factor!

I got better daily and finally realized that I was having so much fun creating that I never realized how much I was learning. One thing I will never forget the first time someone colored one of my pages. I was on cloud 9. It had to have been one of the greatest feelings. Almost as good as selling my first coloring book. 

Now, I am following my dream of being creative every single day and being a daily part of my boys lives. I LOVE what I do. My kids think that it is the coolest. People think I am crazy and that is ok with me. 

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Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate you taking the time to visit my little corner of the world. I hope you find something you like! Please visit often.